Why Do You Need to Go to a Cancer Center? Teamwork!


A comprehensive cancer center brings together leading specialists from different medical disciplines to collaborate, plan, evaluate and deliver cutting edge cancer treatment. At Mid Florida Cancer Centers, this means that you don’t have just one oncologist, but that you have a cancer care team of specialists — medical and radiation oncologists, nurse practitioners, oncology trained nurses, dosimetrists and others — who work together on your personal treatment plan.

This coordinated approach to treating the whole patient, and not just the cancer, can have a significant impact on the outcome. Your care team determines the best options for you and ensures that your treatments are coordinated and sequenced in the way that offers optimal survival and quality of life. Only with this comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach can you be sure that all potential treatment options are evaluated and considered.

 “Communication is the cornerstone of a comprehensive cancer center. The patient may only meet some of these team members directly, but the benefit of this multidisciplinary team often occurs behind the scenes,” says Neeraj Sharma, MD, MFCC President. “The patient sees the physicians and oncology nurses on the front lines of clinical care, but the direct and daily communication that our physicians have with each other and with the entire care team is critical throughout the continuum of care. We don’t just read their reports, we can walk down the hall, pull up a patient’s scans or laboratory results and discuss what they see on the imaging or what I see going on with the patient.”

For the last 30 years MFCC has served as a vital resource for central Florida in the fight to alleviate the burden of cancer, integrating world-class research, prevention and the most advanced diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation programs to provide the best possible care for patients and their families.

By combining leading-edge science with true compassion and personalized treatment for each and every patient, scientists at Mid Florida Cancer Centers have a single, shared goal: to care for your life.