Support Groups for cancer patients and cancer survivors can provide comfort, educational information, emotional support, and answer common questions like what to expect during treatment. A diagnosis of cancer can be a scary and confusing time in someone’s life and, more often than not, a patient is unsure of what to expect and may be unprepared for life during and after treatment. There are support groups nationwide to help ease the treatment process and help patients and their families cope through this time. At Mid Florida Cancer Centers, our team is always here to help answer any questions of concerns you may have, but sometimes a patient needs to hear it from someone that has experienced life with cancer first-hand. Below are links to some cancer support groups.



Cancer Support Community

Support Program Services

Support Group Info Approved by American Society of Clinical Oncology

Other ways you or your loved ones may want support include:

Online communities for support – online communities can help keep you connected with other people for support. It can also help you keep your family and friends updated on your situation. Online Community Support

Counseling – sessions can help you respond to the challenges and emotions of being diagnosed with cancer. Counseling Support

Phone and Email Cancer helplines – Many organizations offer support with no charge just by calling or emailing. These services will give only general information. For specific questions on your condition, you need to talk to your doctor. A list of resources approved by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is here on Cancer helplines by Phone

Wish fulfillment Organizations – These offer people with cancer opportunities to have their wishes or dreams come true to enrich the quality of their lives and create meaningful memories.  Wish fulfillment Organizations for People with Cancer