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Alan R. Forbes, M.D., Ph.D

Board Certified in Radiation Oncology

Education & Accomplishments

  • Resident, Radiation Oncology Harvard Center for Radiation Therapy Boston, MA
  • Intern, Medical Roger Williams Medical Center at Brown University Providence, RI
  • Graduate University of Miami School of Medicine Miami, FL
  • Ph.D, Applied Nuclear Physics Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA
  • Published in Clinical Journals


  • Radiation Oncology


  • Head of Radiation Oncology in our Oviedo Location


  • English


  • Evaluation of an infrared camera and X-ray system using implanted fiducials in patients with lung tumors for gated radiation therapy.Willoughby, T.R., Forbes, A.R., Buchholz, D., Langen, K.M., Wagner, T.H., Zeidan, O.A., Kupelian, P.A., Meeks, S.L.

  • Implantation and stability of metallic fiducials within pulmonary lesions.Kupelian, P. A., Forbes, A., Willoughby, T. R., Wallace, K., Mañon, R. R., Meeks, S. L., Herrera, L., Johnston, A., Herran, J. J.

  • Intraprostatic fiducials for localization of the prostate gland: monitoring intermarker distances during radiation therapy to test for marker stability.Kupelian, P. A., Willoughby, T. R., Meeks, S. L., Forbes, A., Wagner, T., Maach, M., Langen, K. M.

  • Serial megavoltage CT imaging during external beam radiotherapy for non-small-cell lung cancer: observations on tumor regression during treatment.Kupelian, P. A., Ramsey, C., Meeks, S. L., Willoughby, T. R., Forbes, A., Wagner, T. H., Langen, K. M

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